About Us

Company Overview

Sawa2Call is a recognized leading telecommunications provider specializing in pc-to-phone termination services. Providing high quality communications to businesses and individuals worldwide, Sawa2Call focuses primarily on its extensive network of international resellers to reach international markets. Its primary goal is to empower distributors of its service by providing the necessary tools and support to maximize sales.

Capitalizing on the latest and most advanced communication technologies including voice over IP (VoIP) and integrating the convenience and functionality of the World Wide Web, Sawa2Call offers various services including calling card gateways, DID, and dynamic best value routing.

Sawa2Call's business is built upon principles of quality, reliability, and customer service. It strives endlessly to provide the best service to its customers, including an easily accessible sales team, 24x7 network maintenance, and proficient technical support.

1Corporate Office Location

ٍSawa2Call, Inc.
202 Townsend Street
Suite 209
San Francisco, California USA 95108